May 13, 2011

What Keeps us from being women of Irresistible Influence?

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What stops us from taking bold steps towards hopes and dreams? Is it past mistakes, fear of failure, a short supply of assurance, or not knowing how to be humble and hopeful at the same time?

Do self-deprecating thoughts keep us timid and fearful? Do we give in to the status quo convinced it’s to our merit? Do we settle for less to appear spiritual?

This will be the topic of discussion at the Inspiring Women by Intentional Design event, May 20th, at the Lynnwood Convention Center. In the evening session Cheryl Dore will help us remove limitations we’ve unintentionally set for ourselves.

Every woman can live hopeful in every season if she redefines her past in light of her future.

Together we’ll raise the bar! Determine God’s standard to move from the cave to the court, from the prison to the palace. It begins by truly understanding the wealth of God’s investment in us.


July 22, 2010

Cheryl Dore, Womens Leadership Advantage

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